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          one week in Maui


          I left my heart in Cabarita


          too much joe and the juice


          emo kid leaves the house

          Mt Mee

          NORTH SHORE

          Our trip to North Shore Oahu,
          Check out the pics:

          Jacob - Mr Hummzza

          Who, or what is Mr Hummzza? Long story short - it sort of just happened and forced me to make something out of nothing.

          What's this all about?

          I’ve been so invested in my day job that I’ve neglected taking a moment to share some memories and personal works I can look back on. If you’ve somehow come here – hey, I’m Jacob.

          Wrapped up in music, photography, videography, pretending I know how to use tools, doing up our home and trying to leave the house and see stuff. I’m forever working on my personal collection of photographs, which are available as prints, to hold onto memories I’ve made. I’ve decided to make these available if you want these shared in your home too.

          I’m a marketer through-and-through and love working with small brands, businesses and projects to make stuff work well, and look good.

          Hit me up if you’d like to get in touch, otherwise enjoy your time here!

          Jacob 2 - Mr Hummzza

          Where I've been
          Where I'm going

          July 25, 2020

          Cinque Terre, Italy

          July 18, 2020

          Damien Hoons the Honda Civic RS

          July 13, 2017

          North Shore Oahu – Hawaii

          December 13, 2016

          Lucca – Italy

          December 8, 2016

          Dubai & Abu Dhabi – UAE

          Reach out

          Have you got a project you'd like photographed, in need of marketing services, or would like to collaborate? Let me know!