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        July 25, 2020

        Cinque Terre, Italy

        July 18, 2020

        Damien Hoons the Honda Civic RS

        Damo's First Cruise | Honda Civic RS 2020 Damo's brand new whip calls for a Mount Glorious & Nebo cruise in Brissy, Australia. Just in time for sunset! Checkout a few snaps from our cruise and ...
        July 13, 2017

        North Shore Oahu – Hawaii

        Word of advice - if you're hiring a car from Honolulu airport, or from Waikiki itself, make sure you turn off 'no-tolls' on Google Maps/Apple Maps. Apparently there is quite an efficient route from So...
        December 13, 2016

        Lucca – Italy

        Lucca - Italy | 2016 This is the first town we visited in Italy. After a late arrival into Rome, we were on the connecting train to Florence, and then Lucca. One of the oldest towns surrounded by i...
        December 8, 2016

        Dubai & Abu Dhabi – UAE

        Dubai & Abu Dhabi | 2016 Jess and I spent three very short days between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I think we clocked up roughly 15km of walking per day and slept pretty well because of it. What a cr...